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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cueing around during Arts Fest

While all of Mzantsi and the rest of the world have been marvelling about the Soccer World Cup currently taking place, I have been busy elsewhere in South Africa.

The annual National Arts Festival, which takes place in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape was in full flow during most of the World Cup. I sacrificed watching a number of World Cup games live, as I was working for Cue Radio, a Rhodes School of Journalism and Media Studies project, where we were covering events happening at the festival, and produced two daily shows in English and isiXhosa, which were aired on Radio Grahamstown for the duration of the festival.

I have been with Cue Radio for the past two years, where we have also covered SciFest Africa, but I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the team during this year's festival. The thrill of gathering certain kinds of stories and producing for live radio was a new experience for me, which I will treasure.

I will add the packages I produced during the National Arts Festival. But here is a picture of me behind the desk, doing what I do best!

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