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This is a professional blog of an experimental student journalist. I showcase my work from both the course and vacational work on this blog. I also add a flavour of my own thoughts and observations.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

As It Is podcast pilot episode reflection

The podcast As It Is contains a variety of packages which all share a commonality, in that the stories produced reflect strongly on the community of Grahamstown, and do not depend on higher authority figures as voices which give direction to a package. While initially planning to focus exclusively on stories which represent the concerns of the average citizen in Grahamstown, vast aspects of this were covered in the podcast through the various packages and kind of presenting.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


The audio clips preceding this post are part of the course work I've gone through so far in the third year Radio course at Rhodes University. For the duration of my time as an undergrad student at Rhodes, I'm going to be putting out my audio work on this blog, and also include the work I'll be doing for SABC radio news, as part of the Cue Radio agency. For now, enjoy the material I've produced, I'm about to head off to watch the Bulls vs Sharks Super 14 game!