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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sakhuluntu Cultural Group development piece

Grahamstown hosts one of the largest arts festivals each year. But what happens in the City of Saints when there is no festival taking place? Litha Mpondwana looks at one of the unique arts groups in Grahamstown.

Soil erosion in the Eastern Cape

Soil erosion has become a serious challenge facing the agricultural sector of the Eastern Cape. While there have been measures taken to counter soil erosion, farmers and communal land owners in the inner region of the province are seeing an increase fo this problem. Litha Mpondwana compiled this report.

Back to work! Climate change and development

After the thrill of the National Arts Festival and the Soccer World Cup, it was back to some hard work. The third term of the Radio 3 course introduced my class to reporting on Climate Change and Sustainability,  and producing development journalism. I enjoyed the challenges these assignments brought about, and I am pleased to introduce to the public the respective packages I did on Climate Change and Sustainability; and development journalism

Inxeba Lomphilisi feature

The National Arts Festival is known for showing unique theatre shows. The play, “Inxeba Lomphilisi – The wound of the healer” is no different. It breaks new ground in isiXhosa theatre, and is sure to become a favourite during the festival. Litha Mpondwana compiled this report.

Eastern Cape Cultural Ensemble feature

A feast of local culture was shown at the Eastern Cape Cultural Ensemble’s performance at the Guy Butler Theatre. Featuring dance and song from the different indigenous cultures of the Eastern Cape, the ensemble was well received by the audience. Litha Mpondwana compiled this report.