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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Introduction to Development feature

RADIO PRODUCTION: Development feature

The assignment of producing a development feature was my introduction to the notion of development journalism. Using Banda’s (2007) interpretation of development journalism and its essential use in broadcasting, I obtained the platform I had wished to have, of uncovering a positive story in Grahamstown.

Introduction to News


The importance I set of focusing on the average citizen as a primary source and focal point of a story is revealed in the new stories I produced this year. The first story in the news section, which is on the implications the closure of The Old Gaol Backpackers’ Lodge, would have on its backroom workers, emphasised solely on these workers, and the catalyst of this story was the backroom worker who is the first interviewee in the story. The second story in this section, of the taxi drivers’ dissatisfaction with hitch-hikers who refuse to commute in taxis, is another story which I focused on a concerning issue affecting citizens.

Radio studies


A.)The journalistic philosophy I produced at the beginning of the Radio Studies course was motivated by the societal differences, and the manner in which these differences have been represented through the media. Focusing my philosophy on how I planned to approach radio journalism in Grahamstown, I became aware of the existence of such differences in the city, which proved to be the focal point of my philosophy. I made it a point that through the journalism I produce for radio, I would “aim to engage with the diverse citizens who reside in Grahamstown”, to ensure that the community as whole got to know stories from the various groups which reside in the city, making a contribution, a small one somewhat, in breaking the barrier between the various class and cultural differences that are predominant in the city.