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This is a professional blog of an experimental student journalist. I showcase my work from both the course and vacational work on this blog. I also add a flavour of my own thoughts and observations.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

As It Is Podcast pilot

Old Gaol cleaning staff faces uncertain future

This is a package I co-produced with Angelique Thorne.

CUE: There has been much hype around the closure of the Old Goal and the implications it has on the Tourism of Grahamstown, but how does this pending closure affect the workers. Angelique Thorne investigates.

Matthews Nontyi profile piece

CUE: While most playwrights aspire for fortune and fame, Matthews Nontyi has treaded a different path. Despite gaining recognition for his work, he chooses to remain in Grahamstown, empowering the rural community through the arts.

My journalistic philosophy for my time in Grahamstown

Journalism is an art in which I want to maximise my talents, while most importantly telling a story of an individual or event that has taken place, to create awareness and interest within the society. I want to maintain strict discipline in my reporting, to maximise the professionalism of my reporting which would hopefully gain the consumer’s respect.